Finbar Furey - The Slender Promise - CD

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Finbar Furey - The Slender Promise - CD

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Finbar Furey - The Slender Promise - CD

his album of flute and pipes is one I have meant to do for many years as the last instrumental album I recorded was in 1972. It's music I've always wanted to play on the pipes. It's reaching deeper within the pipes, into the soul of the instrument. It has a depth of feeling which is like a well, no matter how much you drink,  it never seems to dry up.

The uillean pipes or (píobaí uilleann meaning elbow pipes) are a complex instrument with more notes than any other pipes.  As the name suggests they are blown by elbow pumped bellows and are enhanced in tone and sound by regulators and drones playing a harmonising chord accompaniment. The chanter (mine is a Johnny Bourke chanter given to me by Davy Spillane) plays the melody and has the ability to play two octaves using a technique of raising the bottom of the chanter on the knee. They have a quieter and more mellow tone than other pipes and are a chamber instrument rather than a marching one.

The flute is one of the first made by Bernard Overton, designed by myself. I always played Clarkes or Generation whistles and also had a beautiful old bamboo flute but wanted to blend the sound of the two into what is now known as the Overton flute or nowadays it's called a 'low whistle'. Bernard and I, over the summer of 1970, designed and manufactured the first of the Overton flutes, now played worldwide and many times copied from this original.  – Finbar

Track List:

  1. The Refugee
  2. Connemara
  3. The Slender Promise
  4. Castaway
  5. She Moved Through The Fair
  6. Paddy Dear
  7. Welch’s Jig
  8. The Rocks Of Bawn
  9. The Aw De Audi Jig
  10. Nearer My God To Thee
  11. Miss McCleods Reel
  12. Mangans Madness for Roisin

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